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Les Lacets de Montvernier

Driving on the French A43 Autoroute towards Torino, if you know where to look - and you need to know where to look - you will see the most amazing little road crawling up a cliff. These are the Lacets de Montvernier. Read More

Posted by: Loulou on 10/27/2014

A Slice of Americana

I was about four steps in to the lounge at Percys before the bartender was asking me what I wanted to drink. Well, hello. This alone earns my stamp of approval. Lots of food and drink specials,friendly service,and big screen TVs. The stuffed mushrooms were tremendous. I could tell Percys was teeming with regulars and I felt welcome to become one of them. I dont know how many cocktails in Spokane have earned legendary status, Percys Long Island Iced Tea is one of them. Enjoy one and become a member of an elite local club.

Posted by: Loulou on 06/08/2014